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The Ledge Gose

ABV 4.8
Style Gose
Source South Windsor, CT
Delivered from Connecticut Valley Brewing Company

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Product Description


ABV: 4.8%

This German Style Gose soured with pinot noir grapes (the oldest grape variety in the world dating back to the first century, when the Romans enjoyed them) is a beautiful rose color with the wonderful aroma of tart berries and currants that entice your palette to take a sip. It is tart, but not overly sweet as it is balanced nicely with the sea salt. Flavors of black cherry, strawberry, savory spice, and everything nice is what makes this Gose the perfect drink Anytime, Anywhere, Any weather.

*Loved by wine drinkers as well.

The Lighthouse on the front of this can is The New London Ledge Lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut on the Thames River at the mouth of the New London Harbor. It is near the Groton Sub base and it is a reporting point for submariners. It is also said that this lighthouse is haunted.